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About Us


Med Advocates is a full-service pharmaceutical assistance company established to help everyone without prescription insurance or the resources to pay for their medications. Our primary focus is to reduce the cost of prescriptions for individuals with low to moderate income.


At Med Advocates we care about your health, your confidentiality and your dignity. We respect your budgetary constraints and will work hard to decrease your total prescription costs.

Everyone at Med Advocates shares a passion for earning the trust, respect, and appreciation of each person we encounter, including our clients, their physicians, and drug company representatives.


Med Advocates was established in 2004 with the sole purpose of getting free medications for low to moderate income individuals for whom purchasing their prescribed medications is impossible or a significant hardship. Since our inception we have helped thousands of patients receive free medications. In 2008, our average client received free medications valued at over $7000 at retail cost.

In 2007 Med Advocates received the prestigious Apollo Award through the Racine County (Wisconsin) Workforce Development Board in recognition of our accomplishments during our first three years of service.

Med Advocates has earned the trust of the medical community we serve. Over 600 doctors and nurse practitioners have enrolled their patients in assistance programs through Med Advocates, and regularly refer more patients to this service.


6216 Washington Ave, Ste C2
Mount Pleasant WI 53406
Phone Toll Free:  (800) 273-1842
Fax Toll Free:  (262) 721-1241