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Cost of Service

With Med Advocates you never have to wonder what you will pay for our service.

We offer one low monthly cost for our full service based on the total number of medications we are ordering for you.

* * * * *

 The cost of our service is simply this:

Up to 5 brand name  medications $60 per month 
6-8 brand name medications $85 per month 
9-15 brand name medications $110 per month
16+ brand name medications $160 per month 
*Note: Medicare Part D enrollees may be subject to a slightly higher cost.

The monthly cost is not a “per medication” charge but a total monthly cost.  For example, if we enroll you for Insulin, Abilify, Advair, Nexium and Trilipix, your cost for these five brand name medications is $55 per month, total - not each.  You do not pay for the medications, only for the service for program enrollment and refills.  

In 2008, our average client received free medications valued at over $7000 at retail cost.

With Med Advocates you will never pay:
Membership Fees
Renewal Fees
Registration Fees
Fees to appeal denied applications *

                                                                                      *some restrictions apply

                                  Our Guarantee

If you do not qualify for enrollment in any Patient Assistance Programs (PAP) based on the information provided by you, your payment will be promptly refunded. Med Advocates reserves the right to appeal denial of any applications prior to refund.


Easy Payment Choices

  • ACH - Automatic transfer from your bank account (savings or checking).
    If you choose this method, Med Advocates will begin billing your account after your applications have been sent to the PAP. Enrollment is month-to-month after a 3 month minimum enrollment period.

  • Pre-payment of three months of service prior to work being done.
    Payments can be made by Money Order, Cashier’s Check, or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover).

    Enrollment is for the term of the pre-payment and no additional service will be performed until another payment is received.

                      5% Discount for Pre-payment of 6 months service
                    10% Discount for Pre-payment of 12 months service

    There are no refunds on pre-payment of services except as stated in Our Guarantee. We have no hidden fees or costs. Additional cost may be required only if:
         1.The PAP has a small co-payment for a medication; the vast majority do not.
         2. Your payment does not clear your bank

Frequently Asked Questions

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