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Every Patient Assistance Program (PAP) has its own guidelines and qualifications for enrollment.  Whether you will qualify for a free medication depends on what the medication is and whether you fit within the guidelines for the manufacturer's Program.  Every medication you take may fall within different guidelines, depending on who makes the drug.

There are generally three qualifications that apply to most programs:

1.  Household income based on the number of people supported by the income.

2.  US citizenship or residency.

3.  Lack of insurance to cover the medication. There are many exceptions to this guideline.  Also, those in the gap or 'donut hole' of Medicare Part D qualify for many programs to receive free medications.

The monthly income limit varies from $900 to over $3,600 for a single person; and $1,214 - $4,857 for a couple. 

Every guideline listed above has many exceptions.  At Med Advocates, we know the programs, we know the exceptions, and we stay current with changes that can affect your ability to receive free medications. 

In order to determine whether you qualify for free medications, please complete the simple application that will allow us to determine your eligibility.  There is no commitment or cost when you complete the application.