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3 Easy Steps for Enrollment


1Complete the easy enrollment form on-line without obligation. 

2Med Advocates will contact you to discuss your needs and answer your questions.  If you choose to enroll we will be happy to assist you.

3Provide copies of documents or information as requested by Med Advocates.

Med Advocates prepares your applications, requests your prescriptions from your doctor or doctors, reviews the final applications and sends them to the drug company assistance programs.

We automatically request refills of your medications and renew your enrollment in each Patient Assistance Program as long as your information and payments are current.

If you have a new prescription, a change in a medication or a new doctor, just let us know.

6216 Washington Ave, Ste C2
Mount Pleasant WI 53406
Phone Toll Free:  (800) 273-1842
Fax Toll Free:  (262) 721-1241