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Medical Professionals


Dear Medical Professional:

Are your patients in need of a solution for medications prescribed by you which they cannot afford?

Med Advocates offers total management of Patient Assistance Programs at no cost to you.

Med Advocates helps those without prescription insurance enroll in Patient Assistance Programs offered by America’s pharmaceutical companies to obtain the medications they need on a continuing basis. We collect information from the patient, complete the applications, submit them directly to the doctor for a dated signature and prescription, and follow through when refills are needed.

The advantages to you of referring patients to Med Advocates include:

  • The patient will get the medications prescribed without being forced to make a choice between prescription costs and other essentials.

  • The patient will be more likely to take the full dose of medication rather than skipping or scrimping on the dosage.

  • Available samples will not be repeatedly depleted by the same patients.

  • Staff time previously spent helping patients with medication needs will be available for other purposes.

  • What can you expect?
    All applications and refill requests are completed as much as possible before you receive them. You will also receive a complete list of meds that your patient reports to us, even if they were prescribed by other physicians.

    Typically, you will receive a completed application that has been highlighted for your dated signature, together with a request for a prescription. You simply confirm that you are still prescribing the requested medication for your patient, sign and date the application and return it and a prescription to us in the envelope provided. Our goal is to assist the patient in obtaining needed medications and to greatly reduce the time spent by your medical staff in doing so.

    Med Advocates has earned the trust of the medical community we serve. Over 600 doctors and nurse practitioners have enrolled their patients in assistance programs through Med Advocates, and regularly refer more patients to us for this service .

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    Lauri Durocher

    Owner / Advocate

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